Accent modification

Your accent is part of your identity. Like a language, switching to another accent is a skill you can learn. Speech services can help if you find that your accent interferes with communication or if you would simply like to learn a neutral American accent for personal or professional purposes. Native and non-native English speakers are welcome.

Voice optimization

Your voice is an important part of how you present yourself. It is even more important if many of your personal or professional interactions happen on the phone. Voice optimization services can help you to achieve your strongest, most resonant sound and avoid vocal fatigue.

Public speaking

When you make a presentation, you are also presenting yourself. Your voice, speech patterns, and rate of speech have an impact of how well you engage listeners. Speech services can help you to optimize how you convey your intelligence and creativity.

Communication breakdown in the work environment almost always results in reduced productivity. Causes can range from excess noise to important information lost in wordy e-mails. Workplace consulting services are available on-site to assess where communication is not effective and provide actionable solutions. On-site available within 30 miles of the Cranston, RI office.

workplace communication

Consultation is also available worldwide by teleconference



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Corporate and elective services are not considered medically necessary and are not covered by health insurance.