Therapy can make a dramatic difference in how your voice sounds and feels. The goals of voice therapy are to help you use your voice in a healthy way, prevent vocal injury, and help you communicate well. Singers, public speakers, and professional voice users are welcome.

Cognitive therapy

Changes in skills like memory, attention, and planning can happen after a stroke, brain injury, or along with other neurological conditions. Cognitive therapy aims to improve brain function and come up with solutions to help you function better in daily life.

Speech & language rehab

Difficulty communicating can have many causes, such as stroke or brain injury. There is hope, even if it has been years since the problem started. We can address clear speech and language skills, reading, writing, and cognitive skills in the ways that most impact your life.


Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, can be a nuisance when it’s mild and dangerous when it’s severe. Don’t ignore it. There are a lot of highly effective techniques to treat swallowing disorders, making eating and drinking safe and enjoyable again. Therapy usually involves improving how the swallowing muscles work combined with strategies to make swallowing safer.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? If we’re not the right fit, that’s ok. Call me and I can help connect you with the right therapist from my great network of colleagues.