Speech therapy can help if your child is struggling with the sounds of speech such as “r”, or if they display patterns such as dropping the last sounds in words. Therapy is also effective to address stuttering. An investment in speech therapy can help your child to be a clear communicator as they grow and explore the world.


Therapy for language can help your child with skills such as expressing thoughts clearly, being able to understand what others are saying, following directions, or engaging with peers. Speech therapy can also help with reading and writing, which are important skills for learning.

Think of private services for your child if your goals are to:

  • Supplement the services your child receives in school for even more success

  • Avoid the gap in services over the summer

  • Keep therapy going after school services have ended

  • Get a jump on reading skills


Is your child under age 5?

If your child is younger than age 5 or if you don’t see the service you’re looking for, I highly recommend Prestige Therapy.